Queen Yaa (Crown Her Series)



Queen Mother of Ejisu, Yaa Asantewaa was the queen of the Ashanti Empire. Now part of the modern day Ghana, Yaa Asantewaa led in what was known as the war of the Golden Stool also referred to as the Yaa Asantewaa war in 1900, against British colonialism. She had been appointed by her brother Nana Akwasi Afrane Opese, the Edwesuhene or ruler of Edwesu.


In a series of conflicts between the British Imperial government of the Gold Coast ( later Ghana) and the Ashanti  Empire ( later Ashanti region), this was the final war. An autonomous state in West Africa that fractiously co-existed with the British and it’s vassal coastal tribes.


Yaa Asantaewaa remains a much- loved figure in Asante history of Ghana as a whole for her role in confronting the colonialism of the British. Highlighting the importance of encouraging more female leaders in Ghanaian society, the Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Secondary School was established at Kumasi in 1960 with funds from the Ghana Education Trust.

Queen Aesthetique Apparel

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