Queen Shaqilat (Crown Her Series)


Queen Shaqilat is a warrior Nabataean Queen who resided in Sinai. The second wife of King Aretas IV, whose reign marked the apogee of cultural and military prosperity. It is therefore called the Golden Age of the Nabateans. After the death of his first wife, Khaldo or Khalidah, whom he married in 8 B.C. before he became a king, it is believed that in 15 A.D he married Shaqilat. Shaqilat delivered Jameelah, Haji, Malik, and Shaqilat II. The fact that Shaqilat was called “Sister to a King” does not likely indicate kinship, but it emphasizes the proximity to the king and the role of a queen.

During the reign of King Aretas IV and Shaqilat, the trade expanded to distant areas in the ancient world. Meanwhile, industry, commerce and civilization, to a great extent flourished in a time considered as one of the most prosperous, historical periods in Ancient East. After her husband was crucified by the Roman legend Tacito, Shaqilat dedicated herself to liberating slaves at the Klysma Quarry from the Romans. In 30 B.C. Shaqilat attacked a slaver’s barge, freeing the children and bringing them to a courtyard in the quarry.

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