Queen Amanishakheto (Crown Her Series)




Amanishakheto was a kandake (Queen) of Meroe. Her reign was from 10 BC to 1AD. During her reign, she followed in the footsteps of Queen Amanirenas, leading her troops with her bow in hand. Amanishakheto led the nation’s defenses and warded off the Roman army that was sent by Augustus when the Romans broke the peace treaty ensuring that they would not try to invade Nubia.





In her Meroitic hieroglyphs her name is written Amanishakheto and she was the ruler of a wealthy kingdom that produced the majority of the gold in ancient Egypt (Kemet). The Warrior Queen had a variety of gold bracelets, necklaces, rings, and crowns that were stolen by the treasure hunter Giuseppe Ferlini and some was later recovered for museums.





Amanishakheto was the builder of many pyramids of the Wad ban Naqa site ( an estimated twelve). Her palace was adorned with gold, hieroglyphs, tall pillars, and also had around 40 rooms. She is best known for her beautiful jewelry collection that was found in her pyramid in 1834 by Giuseppe Ferlini, an Italian treasure hunter, who destroyed the pyramid in search of it’s burial goods. He was known to have destroyed an estimated forty pyramids and thousands of years of valuable African history. These treasured pieces of hers are now located at the Museum of Berlin and Museum of Munich.






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