Queen Toregene Khatun (Crown Her Series)




This is the story of one of the most powerful women in our human history. Toregene became the Great Khatun of the Mongol Empire for four short years. First, being forced to marry the son of Genghis Khan, she managed to work her way from captive wife to the leader of one of the worlds largest empires. Between the death of her husband in 1241 and his defeat, she was given to another, Ogedei, who already had a wife. He had a perpetual drinking problem. As he grew less interested, Toregene took up the slack.


Toregene gave birth to five sons and her influence in the court eventually increased. Toregene was not polite, gentle and not ineffective. She revamped the tax collection, began construction and education projects. She took the title yeke Khatun (empress in Ogeidei’s lifetime). She did replace all his ministers with her own and one of the new ministers was her slave, a Muslim woman named Fatima. She ruled with a woman companion by her side.

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